psoriasis psucks!

Hey, thanks for running a blog like this! It is actually cool to see folks do it. From somebody who has had psoriasis since he was 3 years previous. I’ve experimented with issues like irritation from stress, scented perfumes, the degrees of alcohol in them, or how they react to completely different oils. Sunny areas and in addition swimming in swimming pools assist along with being energetic. Gluten-free and fewer salty and starchy diets additionally assist. Perhaps he simply needed to unfold this info!

Thanks! Sure, I’m considering of attempting a gluten free eating regimen. I’ve at all times been a bit skeptical (or at the very least deeply in denial as a result of how a lot I really like bread) however I’ve heard from folks with psoriasis and eczema that it appears to assist. I want I may spend extra time within the solar, however I’ve a excessive threat of pores and skin most cancers, so I’ve to watch out. There are such a lot of elements that may have an effect on it that it may be tough to determine what my private triggers are, but it surely’s at all times good to listen to about different folks’s experiences!

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