Dr. Reddy’s Melgain Lotion 5ml Treatment For Vitiligo & White Patches

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Product Description Melgain Lotion for Vitiligo White Patches Dr.Reddy Re Pigmentation 5ml Melgain Lotion – Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor) is used as a treatment for vitiligo. Topical application can help to restore the color to dipigmented or white areas of skin. Vitiligo is a skin disorder characterized by hypopigmentation (excessive lightening or whitening). Irregular white patches appear on the skin, giving it a clearly noticeable uneven color. This is because the cells in the epidermis of the skin that are responsible for producing melanin (known as melanocytes) are not able to function. As a result of this, the natural skin pigment is lost. Although leading physicians are not entirely sure of how vitiligo is caused, many experts believe that it is an autoimmune disorder triggered by the immune system. Some have even theorized that genetic factors may contribute to it. The active ingredient in this topical lotion is made up from a chain consisting of 10 separate amino acids. One of the constituent parts in this lotion, bFGB (basic fibroblast growth factor) is known to play a central role in wound healing. Recent medical research showed that it can help to replenish the dysfunctional melanocytes in the affected areas of skin by causing healthy melanocytes from outside the affected area to move into the white skin patch. This means that skin pigmentation can now occur, because melanin (the pigment that colors the skin) is now present there. Clinical trials have shown that a surprising number of patients noticed an improvement in their condition after treatment with this topical lotion. Dosage and Administration : Melgain Lotion (Decapeptide – Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor) is often recommended for use in combination with other treatment methods in order to produce the best results. Follow the directions provided by your physician or dermatologist and only use as directed. Excess use will not speed up the healing process or increase the effects, but it may

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Decapeptide : Stimulates Pigmentation
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