Let Nature Heal Your Skin

Experience natural, herbal skin treatment that will transform the way you glow

Experience The Effects Of Ancient Oriental Treatment

At Merry Clinic, we bring the richness, diversity, and holistic properties of ancient Chinese herbal formulas to the heart of San Francisco. With effective and natural solutions for vitiligo, psoriasis, dermatitis, and so many other skin problems, we help you heal from the inside and out.

Let Nature
Do its Wonders

Using the power of nature, we help your body find harmony and balance, both inside and out, using our effective concoctions. Every treatment done by us is completely natural, free of chemicals, and stimulates your skin to be its best version yet. With us, you always feel comfortable in your skin.

A Holistic Approach To Vitiligo Treatment

We do more than just superficial treatment at Merry Clinic. We focus on healing our patients internally and externally alike. The vitiligo herbal formula is specially crafted to eliminate white patches and spots, backed up by the healing powers and unique properties of 14 different Chinese herbs.


All-Natural Ingredients

We only use nature's organic ingredients to help boost your vitiligo treatment. Due to this, our products don't have side effects that come with other skincare products.



The vitiligo treatment undertaken by us shows amazing and effective results that balance your immune system and reflect on the re-pigmentation of your skin.


From Mother Nature With Love

Every skin treatment is made using only natural substances, herbs, and nutrients. From Vitalix Skin Oil to Vitalix tablets, you can have firm control over your vitiligo.

Happy Customers

Vitiligo Treatment That Really Works

From bringing back your skin's natural color and texture to restoring your melanin, flawless skin is yours to get.