Asteatotic eczema

Asteatotic eczema is also called Xerotic eczema and Crackle eczema.

Asteatotic describes a situation in which there’s persistent dry pores and skin that’s to say attributable to lack of sebum.

Xerotic means ‘dry’.

Craquele means ‘lined with cracks’. (French)

These names are an excellent description of the signs of the sort of eczema.

Is widespread in folks over 60. Extra in males than ladies. It happens in youthful folks, however not as usually.


The pores and skin will be extraordinarily dry.

It was as soon as described by Brocq, a French dermatologist, as wanting like a chunk of cracked porcelain.

As a result of the pores and skin is so dry, it loses its elasticity, making it much less versatile. That is what causes the pores and skin to crack. These cracks facilitate the entry of allergens, irritants and micro organism into the pores and skin. This will increase the possibility of irritation and an infection.

Though the pores and skin may be very dry, it isn’t as itchy because it seems. Might itch sometimes, though not as usually as different varieties of eczema.


Asteatotic dermatitis is attributable to an absence of sebum, our physique’s pure oil.

Sebum is produced by our sebaceous glands. As we age, they produce much less oil. Are Pure oils assist preserve pores and skin moist and supple.. Therefore why older individuals are extra prone to have signs, particularly very dry pores and skin.

Different components that may have an effect on its severity embrace

  • Dry warmth, for instance central heating
  • Frequent bathing with out utilizing an emollient afterwards
  • Utilizing soaps and bubble bathtub

Therapies for asteatotic eczema

the most essential side of symptom administration is to make use of emollients very often. Use it at any time of the day, however undoubtedly after bathing. They assist preserve moisture in, which helps scale back dryness.

Additionally, as an alternative of utilizing soaps and different irritants, search for a substitute.. Some emollients can be utilized within the wash. You can even purchase specialty soaps and different cleansing merchandise that don’t comprise fragrances or components that may irritate the pores and skin.

Avoiding scratching is a good suggestion to restrict pores and skin harm. Thus decreasing the opportunity of an an infection.

If they’re wanted topical steroids can be utilized, and if a staph an infection happens, then chances are you’ll be prescribed antibiotics.

This sort of eczema seems primarily on pimples, like Stasis dermatitis. By how the pores and skin is affected, it is best to be capable to inform what it’s, if any.

Stasis dermatitis it tends to alter coloration, to a rust coloration. And though the pores and skin is dry, with asteatotic eczema this can be very dry. Then the pores and skin can have the cracked look.

In case you are undecided, go to your physician. They are going to diagnose the issue and might advise you on the perfect therapy wanted.

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